Urban Architecture Research Studio (MARC4001)


The studio examines the role and agency of architecture in the urban context - interrogating the internal and external parameters that act on the design process at incremental urban scales and intensities and engaging with the societal, financial, legislative and managerial frameworks that shape urban development. The studio will prompt students to develop critical positions in regard to urban issues and to research, extend and explore those positions through the architectural design process.
MARC4001 Urban Architecture Research Studio, MARC4002 Sustainable Architecture Research Studio and MARC4003 Digital Architecture Research Studio are all available in both Semesters 1 and 2. Students may enrol or pre-enrol freely, but some will be asked to swap to create equal groups. After three semesters each student will have done each of the studios. The studios examine the relationships between architecture and urbanism; architecture and sustainability; and architecture and digital design. Each is based around one or more design projects which address a specialised area of study, supported by lectures and seminars which introduce the relevant theory, knowledge and design precedents. Studios require the investigation of key technical issues and systems, and their innovative integration in the design, with the preparation of appropriate documentation. On the successful completion of these units, students will have demonstrated: an ability to formulate, interpret and communicate appropriate concepts derived from the study of brief and site; an ability to extend those starting points into a working design proposal; an ability to develop the design proposal in response to critique, and produce a building design which demonstrably embodies understanding of the principles associated with the specialised study area; an ability to communicate the design ideas effectively through appropriate graphic and three-dimensional means using architectural conventions; and an ability to cohesively design and execute a comprehensive presentation of the project. These units are core to the Master of Architecture.

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Lecture and studio contact (technical consultants and demonstrations as required), plus self-directed preparation and assignments, for a minimum student commitment averaging 18 hours per week.


Preliminary research, design development, interim reviews (40%); Final project and portfolio review (60%)

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This studio cannot be taken in the same semester as MARC4002 or MARC4003. Students may incur materials costs in this unit.

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