Graduation Studio (MARC5001)


Graduation Studio is the culminating architectural design studio of the Master of Architecture degree. It affords students the opportunity to assert an individual position in respect to current architectural research, discourse and practice by elaborating a intellectual framework and line of inquiry in response to a studio brief selected from a suite of options. Students set their individual research agenda within the broad conceptual and programmatic framework established by the unit of study coordinator and their individual project tutor, and they are expected to produce rigorously investigated, well-resolved and technically adept architectural projects that make a solid contribution to knowledge in their field.

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Lecture and studio contact (technical consultants and demonstrations as required), plus self-directed preparation and assignments, for a minimum total student commitment averaging 24 hours per week.


Preliminary Research and Design Development (30%); Final Design Project (40%); Portfolio (30%).

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MARC4001 and MARC4002 and MARC4003


ARCH5201 or MARF5201

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Students may incur materials costs in this unit.

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