3D Computer Design Modelling (MARC6102)


This unit of study consolidates students' knowledge of advanced concepts in digital modelling, visualization media and digital fabrication techniques available for architectural design. The unit develops conceptual understanding of generative geometric logic through a case study analysis followed by a small design project. Students will explore the practical applications of the digital geometry they create using commercial modelling and rendering packages in conjunction with the digital fabrication equipment available in DMaF. It will help students: generate sophisticated digital geometry through pre-packaged techniques and scripting processes, assign colour and texture information, generate sophisticated images for visualization purposes and fabricate prototypes. At the conclusion of this unit students should be conversant with 3D modelling, photo-rendering and digital fabrication terminology and be able to generate complex 3D models. Class preparation: 3 hours/week, assessment preparation 8 hours/semester.

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Computer laboratory contact, plus self-directed preparation and assignments, for a minimum total student commitment averaging 9 hours per week.


Assignments Weeks 1-13 (80%); Final Portfolio Week 15 (20%)

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