Honours Report (MARF5301)


The Honours Report allows Master of Architecture students to explore and research an area of architectural study in depth. Areas of research might include sustainability, urban design, digital media and design, architectural history, architectural theory, design science, and art in relation to architecture. The research may be developed through MARF5201 Honours Studio such that the design project forms part of the honours submission. The unit facilitates students completing their research under the direction of their individual supervisor. The outcome of the research is presented for assessment in a form appropriate to the research topic (which might include, but not be limited to, a short dissertation, or a design or art project presented with supporting text.) A digital and hardbound copy of the report describing the outcome of the research is required to be submitted upon completion.

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Research methods instruction: 20 hours total; 0.5 hrs/wk individual supervision.


Report / Major work with exegesis (100%)

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72 credit points with WAM of at least 80.





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To qualify for honours equivalence in the MArch students must achieve a WAM of at least 80 in all units attempted.

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