Fluid Dynamics (Advanced) (MATH3974)


This unit of study provides an introduction to fluid dynamics, starting with a description of the governing equations and the simplifications gained by using stream functions or potentials. It develops elementary theorems and tools, including Bernoulli's equation, the role of vorticity, the vorticity equation, Kelvin's circulation theorem, Helmholtz's theorem, and an introduction to the use of tensors. Topics covered include viscous flows, lubrication theory, boundary layers, potential theory, and complex variable methods for 2-D airfoils. The unit concludes with an introduction to hydrodynamic stability theory and the transition to turbulent flow.

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Three 1 hour lectures and one 1 hour tutorial per week.


One 2 hour exam (100%)

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Credit average or greater in 12 credit points of Intermediate Mathematics

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MATH2961 and MATH2965



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