Genetics and Genomics (Advanced) (MBLG2972)


The content of MBLG2972 will be based on MBLG2072 but qualified students will participate in alternative components at a more advanced level. The content and nature of these components may vary from year to year but includes a practical project in the laboratory to improve molecular biology skills

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Two 1-hour lectures per week, one 2-3 hour practical per week, one tutorial every second week.


One 2-hour exam (50%), laboratory reports and quizzes (50%).

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An average of 75 or above in [12cp from (BIOL1XXX, MBLG1XXX) and 6cp from CHEM1XXX]


MBLG2002 or MBLG2072 or MBLG2102 or MBLG2902 

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For students planning a Molecular Biology and Genetics major, 12 credit points of CHEM1XXX is required.

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