Music in the Classical and Romantic Eras (MCGY2612)


This unit will survey the main lines of musical development between 1750 and 1890, with primary focus on the composition of music, and how this relates to the social and aesthetic currents of the time. The overview given in the lecture series will be reinforced by detailed focus on individual works in the tutorials from both historical and analytical perspectives. Topics will include the emergence and codification of classical form and syntax; style and genre in the works of the first Viennese School; Beethoven's 'heroic' and 'late' styles; national opera traditions; symphonic poem and music drama; nationalism and exoticism; and the conflict between progress and tradition.

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One 2-hour lecture and one 1-hour tut/week


Essay (30%); Tutorial assignments and participation (20%); In-Class tests (20%); 2-hour exam (30%)


J. P. Burkholder, D. J. Grout, and C. V. Palisca: A History of Western Music. 9th ed. (2014).

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Ability to read musical notation

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This is a Foundation unit in Analysis, history and culture studies.

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