Musical Worlds of Today (MCGY2614)


Embracing popular music and examples of traditional and contemporary music in Australia and Asia, this unit offers an introduction not only to the genres themselves, but to the themes prevalent in the work of contemporary music scholars. These may include gender and race, ownership and appropriation, reception and transmission, technology and globalisation, music as social behaviour, and music and place. Such themes are considered across the three topic modules: Popular Music (including contemporary Aboriginal music); Traditional Music (Australia, Japan, Melanesia) and Australian Music (place and identity, from colonialism to the present day).

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2hr lecture and 1hr tut/week


2000 word essay (40%), 1 tutorial report (20%), tutorial participation (20%), Listening test (20%)


Weekly readings from a range of disciplines, available on eReserve

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This is a Foundation unit in Analysis, history and culture studies.

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