Research Skills for Music Performance (MCGY5610)


This course is designed to develop students' skills in music information literacy including the finding, surveying and utilising of published information on music; academic writing and referencing; and critical thinking. The course will include discussion of different approaches to preparation of program notes and pre-concert talks, liner notes for recordings, and concert reviews. Students will design and research an individual musical topic which will form the basis for their written and spoken assignments. The seminars culminate with a series of student presentations on these topics. Students may choose to prepare a research proposal if planning to enrol in Dissertation 1. Students may be referred to other University services for further development of writing and other skills. Such courses would be in addition to this Unit of Study.

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2 hr per week seminar or equivalent.


Assignments include annotated bibliography, program notes, class seminar presentations and short essay. (100%).

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Students who have already successfully completed a similar course of study may apply to take another Unit of Study in place of this one.

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