Population Medicine 4 (MDMP5223)


Upon completion of this module, students will have the ability to identify and analyse health issues of concern to the community and to contribute constructively and rationally to the debate on these issues; and a rational approach to resolving the tension between the medical practitioner's responsibility for individual patients and his or her responsibility for the health care needs of the whole community.

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Students must satisfactorily complete a Barrier written assessment in Key Feature Question (KFQ) format at the end of Stage 2 and satisfactory performance in the Population Medicine components of the written assessment as determined by the Population Medicine Theme. In addition at the end of Stage 2, there will be a Barrier assessment that covers all units of study in Stages 1 and 2.

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MDMP5211 and MDMP5212 and MDMP5213 and MDMP5214


MDMP5221 and MDMP5222 and MDMP5224 and MDMP5225

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