MD Project Development 2 (MDMP5225)


By the end of the course, students will be expected to have completed a comprehensive proposal for their MD Project. At the start of the course, students will be asked to outline their previous research experience (if any). On the basis of this, they will be triaged to learn about a range of research methods used in medicine, with particular emphasis on the type of investigation that they choose for their MD Project. They will also gain an understanding of the principles of health and medical research ethics.

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Lectures, seminars, tutorials, on-line learning tasks.


This will comprise: (a) effective participation in small-group learning sessions, (b) satisfactory completion of online learning tasks, (c) completion of an exercise comprising the preparation of a proposal for a descriptive clinical study, and (d) submission of a proposal for a feasible and acceptable MD Project proposal.

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MDMP5211 and MDMP5212 and MDMP5213 and MDMP5214

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