MD Elective (MDMP5409)


The Elective Term offers students an opportunity to undertake supervised experience in clinical work, community medicine or research, locally, interstate or anywhere in the world. It is an opportunity to prepare for a particular career direction, explore different experiences or enhance skills in particular areas of a student's own choice. Students usually organise their own Elective Terms but if advice or assistance is needed students can contact the Head of their Clinical School, the Director of Elective Studies or the Elective Administrative Officer in the Office of Medical Education.

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Undertaken in an environment approved by the Academic Elective Coordinator.


Submission of a reflective essay on the elective experience.

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MDMP5221 and MDMP5222 and MDMP5223 and MDMP5224 and MDMP5225

Additional Information

Students must obtain approval to undertake an elective from the Head of their Clinical School and the Director of Elective Studies who has the role of advising, counselling and directing students in their applications and approving Electives.

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