Mechanics of Solids 2 (MECH3361)


The unit of study aims to: teach the fundamentals of analysing stress and deformation in a solid under complex loading associated with the elemental structures/components in aerospace, mechanical and biomedical engineering; develop the following attributes: understand the fundamental principles of solid mechanics and basic methods for stress and deformation analysis of a solid structure/element in the above mentioned engineering areas; gain the ability to analyse problems in terms of strength and deformation in relation to the design, manufacturing and maintenance of machines, structures, devices and elements in the above mentioned engineering areas.
At the end of this unit students will have a good understanding of the following: applicability of the theories and why so; how and why to do stress analysis; why we need equations of motion/equilibrium; how and why to do strain analysis; why we need compatibility equations; why Hooke's law, why plasticity and how to do elastic and plastic analysis; how and why to do mechanics modelling; how to describe boundary conditions for complex engineering problems; why and how to solve a mechanics model based on a practical problem; why and how to use energy methods for stress and deformation analysis; why and how to do stress concentration analysis and its relation to fracture and service life of a component/structure; how and why to do fundamental plastic deformation analysis; how and why the finite element method is introduced and used for stress and deformation analysis.
The students are expected to develop the ability of solving engineering problems by comprehensively using the skills attained above. The students will get familiar with finite element analysis as a research and analysis tool for various real-life problems.

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AMME2301 AND (AMME1362 OR AMME2302 OR CIVL2110)

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