Materials 2 (MECH3362)


This unit aims for students to understand the relationship between properties of materials and their microstructures and to improve mechanical design based on knowledge of mechanics and properties of materials.
At the end of this unit students should have the capability to select proper materials for simple engineering design.
Course content will include: short-term and long-term mechanical properties; introductory fracture and fatigue mechanics, dislocations; polymers and polymer composite materials; ceramics and glasses; structure-property relationships; selection of materials in mechanical design.

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Lecture 3 hrs/week; Tutorial 2 hrs/week; Laboratory, Independent Study


Through semester assessment (45%) Final Exam (55%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

AMME2301 and (AMME2302 or AMME1362)

This subject requires you to have two important skills to bring in: (1) A good understanding of basic knowledge and principles of material science and engineering from AMME2302 (MECH2300) Materials I and mechanics of solids for simple structural elements (in tension, bending, torsion) from AMME2301 (AERO2300); (2) Reasonable mathematical skills in calculation of stresses and strains in simple structural elements.

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