Biomedical Design and Technology (MECH3921)


This unit aims to give students an understanding of the Australian and International biomedical industry and in the development, manufacture and uses of biomedical engineering products in therapeutic, rehabilitation and clinical settings. Students will gain an understanding of the process of biomedical regulation in Australia and other major international markets as well as the entire process of creating a new biomedical engineering product, from design through to marketing and monitoring of the product. Students will design a biomedical device including the preparation of a detailed design brief.
This will be done as a team project. Each team will work on a specific biomedical design project following formal design protocols, including design control, regulatory considerations, and commercialisation/IP considerations.
Course content will include: - Biomedical Design: A team design project on a medical device; - Intellectual Property in the biomedical industry; - Biomedical devices and technology; - Regulatory and clinical considerations in the biomedical industry; - Commercialisation strategies in the biomedical industry; - The Australian biomedical industry- an overview. Includes site visits; - The global biomedical industry- an overview. Includes site visits.

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Lectures, Presentation


Through semester assessment (100%)

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(AMME2302 OR AMME1362) AND MECH2901 AND (MECH2400 OR ENGG1960 OR AMME1960)

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A basic understanding of human physiology and anatomy and an understanding of the engineering design process.



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