Thesis (MECH5900)


Each prospective student is required to consult with prospective supervisors to apply for a topic. In the normal course of events some or all of the theoretical, developmental, and experimental aspects of research or design work are expected in a thesis. These aspects may be either directed by the supervisor or be of an original nature, but in any event the student is directly responsible to his or her supervisor for the execution of his and her practical work and the general layout of the thesis itself.
Objectives: To involve students in a research or major design project and give them the opportunity to conduct systematic investigations.
Expected outcomes: Ability to plan and execute a complete piece of scientific work and to report their study in a thesis.

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ENGG5221, ENGG5222, AERO5901, ENGG5219, ENGG5220, AERO5902, ENGG5223

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