Advanced Media Writing (MECO3606)


MECO3606 explores different genres of feature journalism (print and online) and engages with current scholarly discussion about journalism. Students will engage in close readings of journalism and scholarship via Blackboard discussions, learn to write in a number of feature genres, and learn the industry design software, InDesign.

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1x1hr lecture/week, 1x2hr workshop/week


1x600wd opinion column (15%), 1x3min (250wd equivalent) oral feature pitch (5%), 1x250wd written feature pitch (5%), 1x2500wd long feature (50%), 1x900wd equivalent leading Blackboard discussion (15%), participation (10%)

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6 Senior credit points from Media and Communications



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Available to BA (Media and Comm), BA (Media and Comm/BLaws) students only

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