The Art of Translating (MGRK3607)


The unit explores the art and the act of translation from Greek into English and vice versa at the most advanced and complex level. It studies existing translations of literary and non literary texts, and investigates the validity of actual translations as well as the possibility of other translations. It focuses on a wide variety of texts, from poetry, newspaper articles, economic analysis texts, medical texts, manuals of electronics in order to analyse the various solutions give by specific translators and the principles that defined them. The unit finally grounds its analysis on the exploration of a number of theoretical approaches to the art of translating providing a thorough critique of each specific theory.

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1x1hr lecture/week, 2x1hr tutorials/week


3000wd Essay (60%), 500wd Tutorial presentation (15%), 1000wd written assignment (25%)

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12 Senior credit points of Modern Greek


MGRK3210 or MGRK2609 or MGRK3211

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