Microbes in the Environment (MICR2024)


This unit introduces the diversity of microbes found in soil, water, air, plants and animal environments. Through an examination of their physiology and genetics it explores their interactions with plants, animals and each other, and their roles as decomposers and recyclers in the environment. The soil is a rich microbial environment, and the concept of soil health and its relationship to plant growth is discussed. Practical classes introduce techniques and skills in isolating, quantifying and culturing microbes, designing and interpreting experiments to study microbial growth, and in preparing and presenting data.

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2 lec, 3h prac/wk


1 x 2hr exam (60%), 4 x quizzes (15%), lab skills assessment (5%) and 1 x lab project report (20%)


Willey et al. Prescott's Microbiology. 9th edition. McGraw-Hill. 2013.

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12cp from (AGEN1004, MBLG1XXX, BIOL1XXX)


MICR2021 or MICR2022 or MICR2921 or MICR2922 

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