Molecular Micro Research Skills (Adv) (MICR3942)


Research in molecular microbiology is needed to tackle problems in medicine, agriculture, environmental science, and biotechnology. This Unit of Study focuses on development of practical skills and training in experimental approaches and concepts that are essential for laboratory research in molecular microbiology. This unit is unique among microbiology units in that the practical component of the course is entirely replaced by a research project undertaken in an academic microbiology lab. The lecture material in MICR3942 is organised in three key areas: Environmental microbiology and the techniques required for the study of complex microbial communities; Microbial biotechnology, which explores how microbes can be used as cellular factories to produce useful products; and Medical microbiology, where molecular epidemiology is used to track a disease outbreak. It is strongly recommended that students also take the complementary unit of study, MICR3032 or MICR3932.

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One lecture per week. One 4-hour prac per week.


One 1-hour theory exam, seminar/poster presentation, lab book mark and supervisor mark based on research project (100%).


Prescott's Microbiology (Willey et al) or Microbiology: an evolving science (Slonczewski and Foster) are useful texts to support the course content, but not essential.

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Unit of study rules

Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

MICR2022 or MICR2922 and at least 6 credit points of MBLG units. Entry into MICR3942 requires at least one Distinction in a previous MICR unit ((MICR2021 or MICR2921), (MICR2022 or MICR2922) or (MICR3011 or MICR3911)). For BMedSc: 18 credit points of BMED units including (BMED2401 and BMED2404) and a Distinction in BMED2401 or BMED2404 or (BMED2801 and BMED2802 and Distinction in BMED2807). For BScAgr students: (PLNT2001 or PLNT2901) and MICR2024.



MICR3042 or MICR3022 or MICR3922

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