International Health Independent Study 1 (MIPH5004)


This unit gives students the opportunity to undertake a special project (a research project or a field placement) in their area of interest in international public health . Students may research their chosen topic or analyse data already collected, then write a report, usually about 2000 words. Alternatively, students may choose to undertake a placement with an international aid agency or with relevant sections of health services overseas or in Australia and then write a report about it. Students arrange with an international public health academic to be their supervisor on a project and agree to expected deliverables. The supervisor provides guidance and assesses the report.

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student under individual supervision


1x 2000word written report (100%)

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MIPH5005 or MIPH5037

Additional Information

The student is required to fill in 2 copies of the International Health Independent Study Registration Form, signed by the student and the supervisor, to give one copy to IPH Office and take the other copy to the Postgraduate Student Administration Unit to enrol. Students cannot enrol in both MIPH5004 and MIPH5005.

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