Strategy and Entrepreneurship (MMGT6001)


How can managers understand their environment, industry, resources and capabilities to achieve business success? This unit explores different levels of strategy, including corporate and business-level strategy for both established and start-up ventures. Strategy is, fundamentally, about making choices and deliberately choosing to be different. Strategic management seeks to understand how these choices and differences can (and sometimes cannot) create sustainable and exceptional value for shareholders, customers, employees and other related stakeholders. Questions addressed include: How can market opportunities be reviewed and understood? How can creativity and opportunity be harnessed across all phases of start-up, growth and maturity? How does a firm (or individual) build and develop resources and capabilities in a global and local competitive environment? When is collaboration preferable to competition? How can risk and uncertainty be evaluated and managed? The unit highlights the challenges of strategic implementation as well as analysis and planning. Insights from entrepreneurial practice and theory are integrated throughout the unit.

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Block mode, 5 days, 9am-5pm


class preparation and participation (10%), mini project (35%), group case presentation (20%), final exam (35%)

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This unit is only available to students enrolled in the Master of Management or Master of Management (CEMS).

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