MMGT Business Project (MMGT6101)


The Business Project provides students with practical experience in applying management knowledge and skills in business analysis and team-working to researching a significant business challenge or opportunity in a host organisation and preparing and presenting an evidence-based business report of a high professional standard. Most students are already familiar with various business disciplines through course work; however the interdisciplinary use of this knowledge and the capacity to translate it into practical solutions is often a new challenge. The project permits students to combine theory and practice - learning how to analyse problems, develop recommendations and propose solutions to the problem. In addition to providing hands-on experience on how to deal with a business problem, the unit also offers a unique opportunity hone research skills in a cross-functional team context. Students work in small groups of four (4) or five (5) and partner with a real organisation over a ten (10) week period to research and recommend solutions to a real business problem identified in consultation with the partner organisations. Projects range from social entrepreneurship programs, where students work with community groups and NGOs, through to consultancy projects for large multinational corporations. Projects are overseen by a specifically appointed consulting mentor and students also have access to business mentors throughout the project. Following preparatory learning in advanced applied research methods, students design and undertake investigative research on an agreed business issue, deliver a presentation and provide a written report to the client organisation, as well as to create and disseminate a Thought Leadership Piece on a topic linked to their challenge.

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This is a workplace based unit of study. There are no formal classes.


scoping document (0%), business project report (45%), business project presentation (25%), thought leadership piece and learning portfolio (30%)

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Note: This unit is only available to students enrolled in the Master of Management.

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