CT Practice I (MRTY5040)


CT Practice I includes both helical (Single and Multi-slice) and conventional computed tomography. The unit of study looks briefly at the historical development and physics of CT. The variables controlled by the radiographer are discussed with particular emphasis on the effect these parameters have on the resultant scan. A thorough understanding of these effects is essential if the radiographer is to obtain optimal images when scanning. Recording of the images obtained is discussed, with the rationale for the settings used and the reconstructions routinely performed. These basic concepts lead to the development of possible protocols for the CT scans most commonly ordered. Areas covered will include brain, thorax and abdomen. The unit will look critically at the choice of parameters for these protocols and situations when the parameters may need to be varied in order to obtain optimal images. Protocols will include patient booking, preparation, contrast media, scan plans, exposure factors, image reconstruction and recording, and patient care. CT Practice I is offered in distance education mode with internet support.The student is expected to have access to a CT scanner, although not necessarily at their place of work.

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