Molecular Imaging Advanced (MRTY5112)


This unit of study will build on the knowledge gained in the core units of study in semester 1. It will explore molecular imaging technology in more depth and discuss realistic scenarios as they are encountered in research. Topics for discussion include the choices researchers make about suitable biological targets, radiopharmaceuticals, subjects (animal models and patient populations), molecular imaging instruments, experimental protocols and computational algorithms. Students will learn how to extract more useful information from the molecular imaging study through the use of pharmacological models and advanced methods of analysis. On completion of this unit, students will have the requisite knowledge and skills to join a multidisciplinary research team and make contributions to the experimental design and execution of a molecular imaging study.

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Guided and independent learning with e-learning support and tutorials


On-line quiz (30%), on-line discussion (10%), 1.5 hr exam (60%)

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MRTY5108 and MRTY5109 and MRTY5110 and MRTY5111

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