Ceramics F (MSTD3512)


This unit focuses on the development and refinement of self-directed, studio-based projects. Students meet and discuss their work regularly with staff and are expected to finish work to a professional level, exhibiting it at the end-of-year exhibition. Students are expected to develop a personal language within their ceramic practice. In addition they are asked to develop a professional portfolio of their work.

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Lecturer and directed contact over 12 weeks, plus self-directed study; total student effort of 240 hrs.


1x assessment task in week 4, 5 or 6 (20%), 1x15min review with your academic advisor in week 7 and 1x15 min oral examination of presentation of studio projects (80%) in week 15


It is expected that students read national and international periodicals, research ideas related to the student's area of interest, as well as accessing appropriate technical information.

Practical work

Completion of individually-based studio projects, journal and studio portfolio.

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge



THAP3442 and one of (CATE2002 or CATE2004 or CATE2006 or CATE2008 or CATE2012)

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