Mechatronics 3 (MTRX3700)


This unit of study aims to provide experience, confidence and competence in the design and implementation of microprocessor-based products and instruments; to impart a detailed knowledge of the software and hardware architecture of a typical modern microcontroller, and an understanding of the use of these resources in product design; and to provide experience of working in a project team to prototype a realistic product to meet a specification.
At the end of this unit students will understand microprocessor system organization, and the organization of multiple and distributed processor systems, special purpose architectures (DSPs etc.) and their application. The student will have a detailed knowledge of the software and hardware architecture of a modern microcontroller. This knowledge will include an in-depth understanding of the relationship between assembly language, high-level language, and the hardware, of the utilisation and interfacing of microcontroller hardware resources, and of the design and development of software comprised of multiple interrupt-driven processes. The student will have the competence to develop prototype microprocessor-based products.
Course content will include single processor systems, multiple and distributed processing systems, special purpose architectures (DSPs etc) and their application; standard interfacing of sensor and actuation systems; ADC/DAC, SSI, parallel, CAN bus etc.; specific requirements for microprocessor-based products; problem definition and system design; tools for design, development and testing of prototype systems; the unit of study will include a project, where groups of students design, develop and commission a microprocessor-based product.

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Lecture 2.5 hrs/week; Laboratory 3 hrs/week.


Through semester assessment (60%) and Final Exam (40%)


Peatman, J.B./Embedded Design with the PIC18F452 Microcontroller/2003/0130462136// Microchip Technology Inc/PIC18FXX2 Data Sheet/2008//

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Assumed knowledge

Completion of a first course in microprocessor systems, including assembly and C language programming, interfacing, introductory digital and analogue electronics.



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