Experimental Robotics (MTRX5700)


This unit aims to present a broad overview of the technologies associated with industrial and mobile robots. Major topics covered are sensing, mapping, navigation and control of mobile robots, and kinematics and control of industrial robots. The subject consists of a series of lectures on robot fundamentals and case studies on practical robot systems. Material covered in lectures is illustrated through experimental laboratory assignments. The objective of the course is to provide students with the essential skills necessary to be able to develop robotic systems for practical applications.
At the end of this unit students will: be familiar with sensor technologies relevant to robotic systems; understand conventions used in robot kinematics and dynamics; understand the dynamics of mobile robotic systems and how they are modeled; have implemented navigation, sensing and control algorithms on a practical robotic system; apply a systematic approach to the design process for robotic systems; understand the practical application of robotic systems in manufacturing, automobile systems and assembly systems; develop the capacity to think critically and independently about new design problems; undertake independent research and analysis and to think creatively about engineering problems.
Course content will include: history and philosophy of robotics; hardware components and subsystems; robot kinematics and dynamics; sensors, measurements and perception; robotic architectures, multiple robot systems; localisation, navigation and obstacle avoidance, robot planning; robot learning; robot vision and vision processing.

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Laboratories, Lectures


Through semester assessment (70%) and Final Exam (30%)

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(AMME3500 OR AMME5501 OR AMME9501) AND MTRX3700.

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Knowledge of statics and dynamics, rotation matrices, programming and some electronic and mechanical design experience is assumed.

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