Fundamentals of Teaching (MUED1008)


Examining the theory and practice of how to teach and how students learn music is important for intending teachers. This unit of study provides strategies and skills for reflective classroom music teaching. It is based around the need for teachers to create appropriate learning experiences through the understanding and effective use of pedagogy. The goal of this unit of study is the development of reflective music teachers, who can design, implement and evaluate effective teaching and learning experiences. As an introductory education unit, this unit of study will introduce and develop content related to: principles underlying theoretical models of pedagogy for effective teaching and learning; principles of effective lesson planning; a range of teaching strategies using both traditional and digital resources that meet the needs of classroom learners from diverse backgrounds with a range of learning needs, styles and abilities; methods for creating positive and reflective learning environments that support learning for all students; principles of theoretical models of management that promote positive behaviours for learning; principles of assessment, particularly the use and creation of rubrics; principles of educational policies related to curriculum, administration and child protection; and the incorporation of critical, creative and higher order thinking as a means of catering to 21st century students.

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1 x 2 hour workshop/week


Research reflection 1000 wds (30%), Lesson planning and assessment (40%), Eportfolio personal profile and electronic poster (30%)

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