Adolescent Development (MUED2000)


This unit of study explores the study of developmental psychology with a major emphasis on the change and development unique to adolescence. The unit investigates the question, "What is developmental psychology?" by examining different approaches to the study of human development through cognitive, social, emotional and biological influences. A summary of the milestones in human development from infancy throughout childhood is undertaken through a review of Piaget's Theory from the unit of study, Psychology of Learning and Instruction. The transition from the concrete operational stage (childhood) to formal operations (adolescence) in a school music classroom is the focus of study. The major emphasis of this unit of study is on adolescence; adolescence and family, peer and personal relationships; development of identity; exploration of issues in adolescence such as moral dilemmas, rebellion and peer influence; research and theories related to these topics and their implications for secondary school classroom teaching and music education are discussed. Aspects of social cognition are explored through various scenarios that adolescents present to teachers in secondary school classrooms.

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One 2 hr workshop/week


Case study (30%), Seminar presentation (20%), Essay 1500 wds (40%), ePortfolio task (10%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

MUED1009 or GENS1001 and MUED1008 or GENS1000


GENS2000, MUED2606

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