Integrative Neuroscience (Advanced) (NEUR3904)


This unit encompasses the material taught in NEUR3004. Advanced students perform a research project and present a mini-lecture on a current topic in neuroscience research.

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One 1-hour lecture, one 2-hour tutorial and 1-2 hour small meeting/laboratory per week.


Mid-semester exam, 1-hour final exam, Major essay/report, Tutorial participation, Mini lecture (100%).


Kandell, Schwartz and Jessell. Principles of Neural Science. 4th edition.

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

Students must have a CREDIT or better in (NEUR3001 or NEUR3901), Students must have a CREDIT or better in (NEUR3002 or NEUR3902)., Students must receive permission from the coordinators for enrolment. For BMedSc: 18 credit points of BMED with a Credit average including BMED2401 or (BMED2801 and BMED2802). For others: 18 credit points of Intermediate Science units of study from Anatomy & Histology, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Physiology, Psychology or Statistics.

Students should be familiar with the material in Bear, Connors & Paradiso Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain.


NEUR3004, PHSI3902, PHSI3002

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