Dietary Intake and Nutritional Assessment (NTDT5503)


This unit of study covers Dietary Assessment Methods in the context of individual, group and population dietary data: purposes of dietary assessment; uses of dietary data; key dietary assessment methods and their use, application, strengths, weaknesses, sources of measurement error; quantification of portion and serve sizes; evaluation and validation of dietary data; use and application of dietary reference standards; food composition databases; and the appraisal and interpretation of dietary assessment methods in published literature. This unit of study also covers Anthropometry, Body Composition, Nutritional Biochemistry and Nutritional Screening: anthropometric and body composition methods for the assessment of nutritional status; reference standards for assessing body composition; anthropometric measurements; biochemical and haematological indices for nutritional assessment; assessment of physical activity; objectives, advantages, limitations, and applications of nutritional screening. Tutorials and workshops aim to address the practical aspects of the administration of dietary assessment methods, as well as validation, interpretation and critical appraisal of such methods.

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Lectures/tutorials/workshops averaging 5 hours per week


One quiz (25%), one assignment (25%), 2.5-hour end of semester exam, (50%)


R.S. Gibson Principles of Nutritional Assessment, 2nd ed. Oxford University Press. 2005. (recommended)

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NTDT5602 and NTDT5601 and NTDT5604

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