Nutritional and Food Science (NTDT5601)


This unit of study give students a broad appreciation of food and nutrients, including an understanding of food sources of nutrients; the nutrients that are necessary for survival and maintenance of individual and population health; nutrient requirements at different stages of life, such as childhood, pregnancy and lactation and older age; factors affecting nutrient availability for absorption; and the significance of nutrient deficiency and excess intakes/toxicity on nutritional and disease status.

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3 hours lectures and 1 workshop per week (1-2 hours)


Short quizzes (20%); group presentation (30%); 3 hour final exam (50%)


Mann J and Truswell AS 'Essentials of Human Nutrition' Oxford: Oxford University Press, 4th Edition, 2012.

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NTDT5602 and NTDT5503 and (NTDT5604 or NTDT5504)

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