Dietetics Professional Studies (NTDT5604)


This course is designed to facilitate students to develop professional communication and organization/management skills that will enable them to work effectively as dietitians. Dietitians work in varied environments - within private and government organizations, industry and in private practice; solely and within teams. Interpersonal, individual and group communication, as well as professional, management, organizational and general business skills are required in all of these areas. This unit of study introduces communication, management and organizational group dynamics and behavioural theory to dietetics students. Students will have the opportunity to apply these through practical examples in class and by the completion of assessment tasks. Of the 4 components of the Unit of Study, namely Business, Small Group Education, Interpersonal Communication and Media Skills, only the first three are assessed.

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Lecture/workshops and tutorials average 5 hours per week


Business assignment (40%), Small Group Education assignment (30%) and Communication assignment (30%)


Bauer K and Sokolik C. Basic Nutrition Counselling Skills. Wadsworth, 2002. ISBN: 0720916645
Holli, Calabrese and Sullivan Maillet. Nutrition Counseling and Education Skills for Dietetics Professionals. 2012 6th Edition
Hudson, N.R. Management Practice in Dietetics. California USA: Thompson Wadsworth. 2006.

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NTDT5601 and NTDT5602 and NTDT5503

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