Population Health to Personal Healthcare (NURS1003)


The student will develop an understanding of environmental, biological and socioeconomic determinants of the health and well-being of populations. The understanding of these determinants will be facilitated by an introduction to epidemiology and its' role and function in relation to the new public health. Students will critically reflect on population health data that identifies issues of access, social inclusion and equity within Australian society. A detailed analysis of population behaviours and the determinants that can have an impact on their behaviours, health and wellbeing will be undertaken during the unit of study. Public health helps to establish need and assists in analyses of the impact of health interventions. As such, epidemiological data provides a major resource to guide evidence-based practice. How epidemiological data provides public health analysts with an evidence-base to explain population level health, and healthcare practitioners with knowledge that can inform the care provided at a personal level, will be discussed. Students will also gain insight into the challenges that face practitioners who need to translate population health information into appropriate individualised healthcare plans. Co-relationships between public health, primary care, primary healthcare, health promotion and ultimately personal healthcare will also be explored.

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13x2-hr lectures, and 7x2-hr tutorials


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