Introduction to Pharmacology (NURS2001)


This introductory pharmacology unit will enable students to develop an understanding of drug action, the relationship between molecular structure and drug activity, drug metabolism and dosage and some therapeutic uses of drugs. Through tutorials and clinical laboratory sessions students will have an opportunity to apply the underlying principle of pharmacology to their nursing practice to:
1. Search evidence-based drug information sources for relevant information
2. Apply and integrate the evidence based pharmacological information to simple case studies to optimise knowledge of safe medication management
Students will also learn about the legal and professional requirements associated with the quality use of medications in nursing practice.

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13x2-hr lectures, 8x2-hr tutorials, and 2x2-hr clinical labs


online quiz (20%) and written discussion of a case based scenario (30%) and written examination (50%)

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36 Year 1 credit points including NURS1001 and NURS1005

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