Expanding Clinical Nursing Practice (NURS5061)


Nurses working in senior clinical positions assist in providing care to groups of patients and their families, both directly and indirectly. In doing so nurses must incorporate individual need with the requirements of the department/unit, hospital and area health service. The provision of coordinated patient care is supported by organisational structures at the hospital and area health service level, which are guided by the NSW Department of Health. Nursing practice is also informed by relevant nursing professional bodies and associations. The aim of this unit of study is to explore local, state, national and international social and political issues that impact on clinical nursing practice in Australia. Within this context issues examined will include concepts such as the development of the specialist nurse, advanced nursing practice and the advanced practice nurse, case management theory, scope of practice, professional guidelines for nursing practice, models of care, service provision and workforce issues that impact on practitioner practice. In this unit, students will explore ways in which government and professional bodies provide information, which supports decision-making regarding the provision of patient care. Additionally, as part of expanding the individual nurse's repertoire, students will be encouraged to broaden their specialty knowledge and nursing practice and will have the opportunity to further develop specialist knowledge and/ or practice related to a specific practice topic.

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