Capstone (Clinical Trials Practice) (NURS5092)


In this unit of study, students will extend their professional knowledge and skills through further critical analysis of issues that affect the management, conduct and practice of clinical trials. The unit provides a framework for students to explore specific, contemporary workplace situations relevant to clinical trials practice: it is a bridge to professional practice. These situations may range from the development of a proposal for a new clinical trial, focus more specifically on a particular aspect of trial conduct, or on the development of a plan for implementation and management of a clinical trial. In this work, students will be supported to develop their expertise while working within an ethical and regulatory framework. Through the development of a learning contract, the capstone objectives and outcomes will be tailored to each student's individual learning needs in close negotiation with the course coordinator.

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distance education/intensive on campus, up to 4 study days


learning contract and progress report and final report (100%)

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NURS5066 and NURS5067 and NURS5068 and CLTR5001

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