Inquiry and Research in Nursing (NURS6008)


This unit of study will extend students' ability to utilise research in their nursing practice and understand research approaches that have proved successful for improving nursing practice(s) and patient care. Students will develop skills and knowledge appropriate to working in a research-informed manner, identifying areas where research could enhance practice and generate knowledge, and using this in their professional role in assessing research relevant to their professional practice. This unit of study will provide students with the tools to appreciate the process of inquiry, and the methods used to construct nursing knowledge and provide evidence for practice. The ability to differentiate between these various modes of inquiry and the appropriateness of their use in the investigation of nursing practice will be developed. Students will have become familiar with the contemporary literature on knowledge translation, utilisation and transfer. Students will have the opportunity to critique the contribution of research to informing nursing practice and healthcare. Throughout the unit students will gain knowledge and experience of literature reviews, critiquing studies, research ethics and governance, and the factors that guide the development of a research project.

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9x2-hr lectures


critical literature review (40%) and mini-poster (20%) and research roundtable (5%) and written examination (35%)

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

NURS5002 and NURS5081 and NURS5082 and (NURS5083 or NURS6001) and NURS5006 and NURS5084 and NURS5085 and NURS5086

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