High Acuity Nursing (NURS6019)


This unit of study primarily addresses nursing practices and interventions designed to meet the needs of seriously or critically ill people being nursed in high acuity settings. It explores the high acuity environment and the technological monitoring devices that can be used to assist in the management of these acutely ill patients. It builds on knowledge and capabilities developed in Nursing the Acutely Ill Person. The unit explores (through the use of case studies) acute life threatening health problems such as interruptions to circulation, neurological functioning and respiratory function. In this context, specific clinical situations will be explored, such as the emergency presentation of a woman experiencing potentially life threatening complications of pregnancy and the rapid deterioration of the adult, elderly adult, Indigenous or paediatric patient. An important component of this unit of study is the understanding of nursing assessment and management required when caring for patients with rapidly changing clinical conditions.

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6x2-hr lectures, 6x2-hr labs, clinical placements


written examination (50%), essay (35%), online activity: reflection on practice (5%) and clinical performance appraisal (10%) and satisfactory off-campus clinical performance

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

NURS5002 and NURS5081 and NURS5082 and (NURS5083 or NURS6001) and NURS5006 and NURS5084 and NURS5085 and NURS5086



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