Professional Practice of Nursing (NURS6023)


This unit of study examines key relevant parts of the four elements of the regulation of health care professionals, using nursing as the example. The four elements are: 1) Registration; including continuing competence and professional portfolios, life-long learning and currency and recency of practice, 2) Education; including accreditation of programs, 3) Professional standards; including codes of professional conduct and ethics, standards for registered nurses, enrolled nurses, midwives and nurse practitioners, professional boundaries, legal frameworks for practice and decision making frameworks; and 4) Professional competence; including conduct, health and performance. The unit will explore the key elements of this framework in relation to the professional practice of nurses and will enable the student to understand their legal and ethical framework for professional practice and the regulatory environment they will enter upon registration. The unit will focus particularly on providing a helpful frame of reference for the student that will give them the confidence to practise within a professional framework and the resources to access should professional issues arise. This unit is also designed to assist students prepare for making the transition into the workforce and to understand current practice and professional issues, particularly those relevant to leadership and management.

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8x2-hr lectures, 8x2-hr tutorials, two study days


essay (45%) and professional e-portfolio (25%) and poster presentation (30%)

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NURS5002 and NURS5081 and NURS5082 and (NURS5083 or NURS6001) and NURS5006 and NURS5084 and NURS5085 and NURS5086

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