Occupational Performance: Healthcare 2 (OCCP2084)


Many adults experience significant challenges performing daily life activities due to mental illness or other psychosocial issues, and need interdisciplinary team services within mental health (and other psychosocial) settings. Occupational therapy can enhance, restore, or maintain performance and participation in daily routines and activities, enabling individuals to return to and live in the community. Mindful of a client-centred approach, students will acquire basic assessment, intervention, and evaluation skills relevant for adults within mental health and psychosocial contexts and begin assuming the role occupational therapists perform within healthcare teams. Students will learn: What assessments, intervention and evaluation processes do occupational therapists use when a person's routines and daily activities are challenged due to the effects of a mental illness or other psychosocial issues? Within mental health settings, how do I help enhance, restore, or maintain performance in daily life activities of concern? How do I incorporate a client-centred approach within healthcare systems? How can groups be used to support individuals to overcome the impacts psychosocial issues to promote satisfying and health-promoting occupational engagement.

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2hr lecture/week, equivalent of 2hr tutorial/week


Written report (50%), oral assessment (50%) and group facilitation skills competencies assessment (Pass / Fail)

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