Professional Practice IIIA (OCCP3061)


To become a competent occupational therapy practitioner, students need to be able to integrate theory and practice in context and become skilled in applying the occupational therapy process for an agreed caseload. Continuing to build on OCCP1100 Professional Practice I and OCCP2086 Professional Practice II, all of which focus on professional development in context, students will participate in a seven-week, supervised full time experience within a professional service setting.

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Placement briefing and debriefing (15 hrs)


Assessment of competence using Student Practice Evaluation Form-Revised (SPEF-R) Pass/Fail

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OCCP1096 and OCCP1097 and OCCP1098 and OCCP1099 and OCCP2084 and OCCP2085 and OCCP2086 and OCCP2087 and OCCP2088 and BIOS1168

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Students must complete jursidictional and statutory obligations prior to all professional practice placements. These include holding up to date required vaccinations, Criminal Records Check, Working with Children Check, and Australian cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate.

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