Reflexivity and OT Professional Practice (OCCP5242)


This unit includes an extended fieldwork placement and class activities to provide students with an opportunity to consolidate, apply and extend their knowledge of occupational therapy practice, with a focus on the range of competencies identified by OT Australia needed to become a beginning practitioner. This final fieldwork placement experience is focused on students developing independence and autonomy within a range of practice communities. Students will incorporate their fieldwork experiences into an exploration of reflexivity as a core capability in professional practice. Assessments will be focussed on student capabilities in integrating content from their studies throughout the Master of Occupational Therapy program

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3-hr tutorial-workshop (7 weeks), 2-hr fieldwork debriefing (1 week only)


examination (50%), portfolio B (30%), viva presentation (20%). assessment of fieldwork performance via student practice evaluation form - revised (SPEF-R) (pass/fail) . Students must pass their fieldwork placement in order to gain a passing grade for thi

Practical work

8 weeks of fieldwork component

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Prerequisites and assumed knowledge

OCCP5237, OCCP5238, OCCP5239



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