Practical Cataract and Refractive Surgery (OPSC5020)


This unit of study aims to provide candidates with the practical experience and knowledge necessary to assess and perform refractive surgery. This is a mentor-based programme with candidates supervised in a number of clinical and laboratory environments. Emphasis is on pre-operative investigation, surgical skill and post-operative management. Candidates will be required to observe and perform intra- and extra-ocular surgical techniques relevant to refractive surgery. Candidates will rotate through a number of refractive surgical practices and observe refractive surgery taking place utilizing a number of refractive surgical systems. Further candidates will have to attend a number of wet lab sessions designed for the performing of refractive surgical techniques on artificial, animal or human eyes. A logbook of observed and performed surgeries will be kept and used for assessment.

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Intensive on campus


Online surgical logbook (40%), and observed structured clinical exam (60%)


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This unit is only offered in semester 2.

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