Dissertation Refractive Surgery A (OPSC5023)


Successful candidates will demonstrate to the examiners that they have a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the theoretical and practical foundations of the practise of refractive surgery and that in their project they have integrated this knowledge with prior learning and experience. The dissertation may take one of two forms: a written output (report or formal academic composition) on work performed during the candidature from a supervised student project that contains between 8,000-20,000 words or a scientific paper that arises from a supervised student's project and has been submitted to a peer review journal for publication. The scientific paper however still needs to be embedded in a treatise with an expanded introduction and literature review as well as an expanded conclusion/discussion section. Additional methods and results not presented in the scientific paper should also be included. On completion of the dissertation units, the successful student will be able to: (1) Undertake a medical/scientific project and follow it to its completion. (2) Work constructively under the supervision of an ophthalmic supervisor. (3) Display scientific thinking and apply this to refractive surgery. (4) Attempt to publish their dissertation or learn how to publish their work.

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Dissertation submitted after completion of 12 CP of dissertation units (OPSC5023 and OPSC5024), and reviewed by two independent assessors


Your Practical Guide to Writing a Thesis, Treatise or Dissertation at the University of Sydney, SUPRA Guide (http://supra.net.au/assets/file/Publications/SUPRAthesisguide.pdf)

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OPSC5018 and OPSC5019

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