Cornea and Anterior Segment Surgery (OPSC5026)


Successful candidates will demonstrate to the examiners that they have a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the theoretical and practical foundations of the practise of cornea and anterior segment surgery anatomy. On completion of this Unit of Study the successful student will be able to: (1) Describe the normal anatomical organisation of the anterior segment and adnexae of the human eye; (2) Describe the principal pathological conditions affecting these structures; (3) Describe appropriate diagnostic testing for corneal and eyelid diseases; (4) Describe appropriate medical and surgical management used in these conditions.

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3 x 2000 word written assignments (90%), online forum discussion (10%).


Coster, Douglas, Cornea: Fundamentals of Clinical Ophthalmology Series (Fundamentals of Clinical Ophthalmology), BMJ Books 2002, ISBN 0-7279-1557-6; Krachmer, J.H., Mannis, M.J., Holland, E.J., Cornea: Fundamentals, Diagnosis and Management, 3rd ed. (2 vols) Elsevier Mosby 2011.

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Candidates must be overseas trained specialists from countries with established vocational ophthalmology training programs and have satisfactorily completed the requirements to practise as ophthalmologists in their countries of residency, or be eligible to undertake further fellowship training in their countries of residency.

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