Treatise (OPSC5032)


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Review by two independent assessors.
The treatise may take one of two forms, either a written output on work performed during the candidature from a supervised student project that contains between 10,000-20,000 words or a scientific paper that arises from a supervised student's project and has been accepted by a peer review journal for publication. The scientific paper however still needs to be embedded in a treatise with an expanded introduction and literature review as well as an expanded conclusion/discussion section. Additional methods and results not presented in the scientific paper should also be included.

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(OPSC5013 and OPSC5014 and OPSC5017) or (OPSC5026 and OPSC5027 and OPSC5030)

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Candidates must be overseas trained specialists from countries with established vocational ophthalmology training programs and have satisfactorily completed the requirements to practice as ophthalmologists in their countries of residency, or be eligible to undertake further fellowship training in their countries of residency.

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