Clinical Management of Refractive Error (ORTH5029)


Foundation knowledge of optics and refractive errors will be expanded in this unit of study to encompass detailed knowledge of the aetiology of refractive errors and the scientific and clinical aspects of their management. Students will be encouraged to critically evaluate the different methods of ascertaining refractive error and their underlying ocular biometry. They will develop an understanding of the advantages and limitations of different modes of correcting ametropia, including optical and surgical methods and how these influence management plans with particular regard to the life stage, ocular health including strabismus, lifestyle and occupation of the individual. Areas of controversy and complex practice will be studied, such as latent and manifest hypermetropia, aetiology of myopia, progressive myopia and keratoconus. On completion of the unit the student will have the knowledge and clinical skills required to objectively and subjectively assess refractive status and be proficient in the prescription of spectacle lenses. They will be able to use and apply advanced ophthalmic technologies related to ocular biometry to inform, evaluate and assist in determining the management of persons with refractive errors.

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1x2-hr lecture/week, 12-hr tutorial/semester and e-learning


Class test (20%), end semester OSCE (40%) and end semester exam (40%)


Recommended: Corboy J, The Retinoscopy Book: An Introductory Manual for Eye Care Professionals (2003)
Fletcher R, Still DC, Eye examination and Refraction (1998)
Gayton J, Refractive Surgery for Eye Paraprofessionals (1997)

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