The Eye and Vision (ORTH5039)


This unit of study is designed to provide the student with knowledge of the anatomy; physiology and optics of the eye, using a systems approach. The normal eye structures and their function are studied, followed by sensory visual functions, and nourishing systems of the eye. Refractive errors are introduced along with the principles of lenses and measurement of their power. Basic clinical skills and standard diagnostic tests are introduced, including testing of visual acuity, colour vision and contrast sensitivity. Students will discuss developments in tests for these visual functions and how differences in the underlying principles of tests will influence the outcome measure. The learning in this unit of study will provide a foundation for all areas of learning in this course.

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3-hr lecture/week, 2-hr tutorials/week, community based observation and e-learning


Visual acuity assessment assignment (20%), end semester OSCE (20%), end semester exam (60%)


"For Ocular Anatomy and Physiology -Bron A, Wolff's Anatomy of the Eye and Orbit, (1997) HS611.84 13 Comment; more detail than you require but very comprehensive Lens A, Ocular Anatomy and Physiology (1999) HS 612.84 OCU Ledford J.K. (ed) Clinical Ophthalmology for Eyecare Professionals. HS 617.7 HAN Saude T, Ocular Anatomy and Physiology, (1993) HS 612.84 SAU Snell R.S. & M.A. Lemp, Clinical anatomy of the eye, (1998) HS 611.84 SNE For Neural Science, Kandel E.R. and J.H. Schwartz, Principles of Neural Science (2000) HS 612.8 PRI"

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